Indian Naxal’s Turning Taliban?

Police Inspector Francis Induwar

Police Inspector Francis Induwar

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They claim to be fighting for an equitable and just society. They claim to be friend of the common man. Today they claimed the life of an innocent police office of the Jharkhand police. Police Inspector, Francis Induwar worked with the Intelligence Wing of the Jharkhand Police was beheaded by the terrorists of the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist). He was the sole bread winner of his family and is survived by his wife and three sons. Induwar was abducted at around 5:30pm IST on September 30, 2009 from Hembrom Bazaar in Khunti District while he was running errands for his family. The abductors, four in number, forcefully took the inspector with them to the nearby forest area.

The Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) left a pamphlet claiming it had killed the officer, a police official said. “Francis has been awarded death to protest the police repression,” said a pamphlet left near Induwar’s body.

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His decapitated body was found near Raisha Ghati under Namkom Police station on the Jamshedpur-Ranchi Highway, about 12 km from Ranchi, Superintendent of Police (Rural) Hemmant Toppo informed. The Maoists left behind a pamphlet saying that the police could expect more of such treatement if their demands were not met. A self-acclaimed CPI-Maoist’s South Chhotanagpur Committee secretary, Samarj,on Saturday called a local newspaper and said Induwar would be released if the police free rebel leaders Gopal Ghandy, Chhatradhar Mahato and Chandra Bhusan Yadav.

Indian Home Minister, P. Chidambram in a Press Conference later said that no swapping would happen and no demand of such unlawful organizations would be considered.

Chidambaram said, “I condemn it. It is possible that in a conflict situation police will arrest a number of people, and it is possible that Naxalites will also be able to capture 1 or 2 police officers. However we don’t kill in cold blood, we produce those who have been arrested in a court of law and we deal with them according to law. If the Naxalites had any demand, they should have placed their demand – but cold blooded murder is simply not acceptable. I condemn it and I hope Human Rights groups will also condemn it.

Communism may have died in Europe but its violent manifestation has been haunting India in the form of Naxalism. The country had already witnessed 1,128 incidents of Naxal violence till June 30 in 2009 alone. Earlier the Indian PM had also accepted that Naxalism is the gravest internal security threat to the nation.

This attack comes in face of the nation readying to carry out it’s biggest ever action against naxalities. Chidambaram is also seen as pushing all states to quickly implement the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System, a plan to link the nation’s 16,000 police stations in the country under a single network, to increase nationwide coordination in investigation, crime prevention and emergency response.


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