Suicide Attack in Peshawar: At least 10 killed and 25 injured


As allied forces claim to continue crushing Talibani resistance in Afghanistan, Pakistan continues to be rocked by continued wave of violence. In the latest incident, a suicide car bomber blew himself up at a police check post on Peshawar’s outskirts on Saturday killing 10 people, including women and children, and injuring over 25 others.


A suicide bomber exploded his car when police tried to search his car at a checkpoint at a big crossing at the outskirts of Peshawar,” (Peshawar district administration chief Sahibzada) Anis said.

[Youtube=]The bomber detonated his explosive-laden vehicle, packed with about 50 kg of explosives, when policemen asked him to stop for the search at Pishtakhara Chowk, the main entry point to Peshawar from the troubled North Western Pakistan’s Khyber tribal region.

The blast was so powerful that it blew up a number of other vehicles lined up at the check post. A large number of people were present in a nearby bus stand and commercial area when the blast occurred at about 4.15 pm. local time.

Pakistan has been torn by spate of such attacks including the one on Friday that targeted the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence’s (ISI) headquarters in Peshawar and a police station in Bannu, killing 20 people and injuring 85 others.


NWFP Senior Minister Bashir Bilour ruled out the possibility of holding talks with the militants.

Some political parties say we should hold talks (with the militants). Who should we talk with? Should we talk to those who are killing our children and spreading destruction?” he told reporters after visiting the injured in a hospital.

We will not talk to any terrorists… With the cooperation of political forces and the people, we will stand united and we will be successful,” he said.

Asked who was behind the wave of attacks, Bilour said: “Only terrorists are responsible. No Americans, British, Europeans or Indians have died in the attacks, only Muslims, small children and our sisters and brothers have died. They (the attackers) are not Muslims or Pathans or humans, they are barbarians“.

Bilour described the attacks in the NWFP as a “reaction” to the military operations against Taliban in tribal areas.”We will fight them to the end even if we lose our lives,” he said.


Meanwhile Taliban has warned that they will increase the spate of attacks in the coming days and dared the government to stop them.


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