US and UK announce extra troop deployment in Afghanistan

NATO Soldier

It’s here and it’s real. The US President Barack Obama has finally let the cat out of his bag. He has announced the much awaited decision on troop numbers on Sunday night, a White House spokesman said. Though the formal plan in terms of troop numbers and other logistics will be announced on Tuesday, the current announcement confirms the earlier resolve by the US President, to “finish the job” in Afghanistan.

The Associated Press quoting White House spokesman Robert Gibbs reported, that Mr. Obama held an unannounced meeting on Sunday night with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Senior military officials have been informed about the decision and now the British, French and Russian leaders are being briefed about the plan.

Following his discussion with the Secretary of State, Obama briefed senior staff including Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and National Security Adviser James Jones. He later held a videophone conference with the head of the US operation in Afghanistan, Gen Stanley McChrystal and Karl Eikenberry, the US ambassador to Afghanistan.

Talibani Militants

The US announcement comes close to the announcement of the British stand by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, where he committed to send 500 special force members to Afghanistan. Mr. Brown for the first time also revealed the role of special troops in Afghanistan. He said the British people had a right to know that the highly trained Special Forces are playing their full role not only in force protection but also combating the Taliban militants directly along with the regular forces.

US has around 70,000 troops in Afghanistan and may add around 30,000 more troops based on Gen McChrystal’s request who has asked for around 40,000 additional troops.



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2 responses to “US and UK announce extra troop deployment in Afghanistan

  1. I have to say straight away that I’m a fan of Michael Moore. That’s not to say that I always agree with him but he is willing to say what many people in the world are thinking or saying but what somehow never seems to be said in the USA.

    There are two myths associated with Afghanistan that need, I think, to be exposed. The first is that this is part of George Bush’s so-called ‘War on Terror’ and, as such, will make the world safer from terrorism. It won’t. It’s a war against the Taliban and they are not al-Queda. They are cruel, brutal people but they are not the men that flew planes into the WTC and, even if they are defeated, terrorism will not go away (in fact, I suspect it will get worse).

    That being the case (although you may well not accept that it is), the war in Afghanistan – if it is supposed to be a war on terrorists – is not winnable and all the troops in the world won’t make it so.

    Withdraw the troops, elect a proper president and talk to the Taliban… or get lots more body bags ready.

    • I agree to most of your points but I am not sure about the commitment level of any of any of the parties involved about “electing” a proper president in Afghanistan. The recent “re-election” seemed more of a “selection” than a democratic election.
      Further with all the corruption charges piled up and his brother amidst the drug-trade embargo, I am not sure President Karzai can do much to control the situation.

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