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What Social Media? Pt.-IV

The outcome of the political struggle in Egypt is a strong evidence of how quick and powerful a message that touches the right chord with the target audience can  become on social media.

Welcome “Facebook Revolution“!

Hosni Mubarak may have dismissed the whole thing as a computer mumbo-jumbo but that itself became a major force leading to his ouster. After police and army started rounding up people and protesters went “missing“, people started using Facebook and age-old social networking medium aka Friday prayers to garner support for the movement.

The success of the Egyptian movement has also raised hopes in our countries like Libya, which is witnessing the most recent and arguably also the most violent movements in recent time. If Gaddafi and his likes think that they can push people aside and have their way, then they need look no further than Egypt for results.


Stop or I Will Tweet


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What Social Media? Pt.-III

We hear people sing praises of how social media has become the “Voice of Customer” and we can rely on it to know what the people are talking but the truth is: Global Internet penetration is still pegged at 28.7%. So how does even with a 100% usage rate of social media, micro-blogging, et al. be called the “voice of consumer”?

Is this the "Voice of Customers?"

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What Social Media? Pt.-II

While the management gurus may cry themselves hoarse over K.I.S.S (Keep It Short & Simple OR Keep It Simple Stupid), the fact is things are getting technical and complex around us by the minute. Ask what is the difference between a @ and a # many people will not be able to differentiate.

We just love all the mumbo-jumbo:


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What Social Media? Pt.-I

A funny take at all the running around like headless chicken about the power and opportunity of Social Media…

More to follow!

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